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Alternative Provision LCT.pdf 393.3KB 18/07/2023
Anti Bullying.pdf 274KB 18/07/2023
Careers Framework March 2020.pdf 108.1KB 18/07/2023
CCTV System.pdf 44.4KB 18/07/2023
determined-admissions-2020-21.pdf 149.1KB 18/07/2023
Ercall Wood Academy Sex and Relationships Education (SRE)... 285.9KB 18/07/2023
Freedom of Information appendix1.pdf 101.9KB 18/07/2023
Freedom of Information appendix2.pdf 148.0KB 18/07/2023
Freedom of Information appendix3.pdf 135.0KB 18/07/2023
Freedom of Information_.pdf 303.7KB 18/07/2023
Funding Agreement Ercall Wood.pdf 437.5KB 18/07/2023
GDPR EWA privacy notice under the general data protection... 479.7KB 18/07/2023
GDPR EWA privacy notice under the general data protection... 436.6KB 18/07/2023
GDPR EWTC information retention schedule.pdf 1.9MB 18/07/2023
GDPR LCT privacy notice under the general data protection... 416.8KB 18/07/2023
GDPR Privacy notice for school workforce - May-2018.pdf 260.3KB 18/07/2023
Homework.pdf 41.2KB 18/07/2023
Joint disability equality and accessibility plan.pdf 45.3KB 18/07/2023
Medical.pdf 65.2KB 18/07/2023
Numeracy across the curriculum EWA.pdf 157.9KB 18/07/2023
Prevent Statement.pdf 104.7KB 18/07/2023
Remote Education Provision 2021.pdf 222.4KB 18/07/2023
Safeguarding supervision policy.pdf 229.2KB 18/07/2023
Staff Code of Conduct updated Feb 2021.pdf 248.2KB 18/07/2023
Careers Policy.pdf 264.5KB 18/07/2023
Charging and Remissions Policy.pdf 167.9KB 18/07/2023
LCT Whistleblowing Policy.pdf 736.2KB 18/07/2023
Ercall Wood MH Policy.pdf 325.1KB 18/07/2023
Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy.pdf 593.3KB 18/07/2023
SEND INFORMATION REPORT OCT 2022.pdf 138.1KB 18/07/2023
LCT Complaints procedure (Oct22).pdf 230.0KB 18/07/2023
Attendance Policy and Procedures.pdf 645.3KB 18/07/2023
Equality Policy.pdf 353.6KB 18/07/2023
Careers Learner Entitlement22.pdf 98.3KB 18/07/2023
Final Policy22.pdf 338.7KB 18/07/2023
Ercall Wood Academy Literacy Strategy 2022-2023.pdf 176.3KB 18/07/2023
Equality Statement.pdf 89.6KB 18/07/2023
Ercall Wood-Behaviour-Policy- May 2023.pdf 269.4KB 18/07/2023
Academy uniform (002).pdf 163.6KB 06/10/2023
Provider Access Policy.pdf 202.8KB 29/11/2023