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GCSE exams will not be going ahead this Summer as planned. The Department for Education has announced that students will receive grades determined by teachers and their centres, with students only assessed on what they have been taught and not what they may have missed. Students will be awarded grades based on a portfolio of evidence. There will be no single exam or assessment which will be used solely to support the assessed grade.

Students will be awarded grades based on a portfolio of evidence. There will be no single exam or assessment which will be used solely to support the assessed grade. Evidence may come from:

• Any teacher-assessed pieces of work

• Any mock, unit or module examinations / assessments taken over the period of the course

• Coursework (if appropriate to the subject)

• Externally assessed units or exam marks which have already been taken or awarded.


We will be teaching and assessing students to build up their portfolio of evidence throughout the time up until the final submission of grades to the exam boards. It is therefore vital that students continue to complete all work set and attend all lessons punctually, ready to learn. Revision and preparation for assessments are important. We will be using evidence from work and assessments produced by students in the coming weeks, in addition to evidence already collected from work completed since the start of the course. Students still have the opportunity to influence their grades and determine their final results. They will only receive the grade that reflects their achievements, so it is essential that they work hard to get the grade they deserve.


Please note that individual teachers will not be awarding individual grades. It is the centre’s responsibility to submit grades to the exam boards, using all the data and evidence we have available. We anticipate further information after Easter from the exam board which will support the collation of evidence towards their assessment portfolio and the centre moderation process.

Timeline for assessments


Week commencing Monday 8th March

Year 11 return to the academy to begin face to face teaching and complete on-site testing.

Week commencing Monday 15th March – Thursday 1st April

Continued face to face teaching and continued collection of evidence for portfolios.

Thursday 1st April

Last day of Spring term

Week commencing 19th April

Summer term begins.  Continued collection of evidence for portfolios. Subject assessments provided by exam board (if appropriate)

Week ending 14th May

Completion of coursework portfolios (where appropriate)

Week commencing 17th May

Moderation process begins and final evidence gathering, as necessary.

Week commencing 31st May

Half term

Week commencing 7th June

Final moderation and collation of grading evidence

Friday 18th June

Final grades submitted to exam boards

Thursday 12th August

Exam results day










3.15 - 4.15








Computer Science

Week A

Maths  - Aspen, Birch, Elm & Poplar

English  - Ash, Elder, Beech & Pine


Week B

Maths -  Ash, Elder, Beech & Pine

English -  Aspen, Birch, Elm & Poplar

Combined Science




Art *

Art Textiles *

Creative i-media

Dance *

Drama *

* Check with teacher for invite

This intervention schedule runs until Friday 16th July 2021.

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How will the GCSE grades be assessed?

Grades will be based on what students have been taught, not what they’ve missed.

Teachers will use a range of evidence, which could include mock exams, coursework and other work completed as part of a student’s course, such as essays or in-class tests.

Exam boards will also provide optional sets of questions for teachers to use to help them gather evidence. There will be a combination of published and unpublished questions and teachers will be able to select groups of questions that reflect what they have taught.

What are the timings for this?

Teachers will submit grades to exam boards by Friday 18 June 2021.

Results days for GCSE, AS, and A level and some vocational qualifications will then take place in the week of Monday 9 August 2021. 

How will the grading standards be set?

Teachers will consider each student’s performance using the sources of evidence they are using for their cohort. They will make an evidence-based judgement of the grade each student is performing at.

What if a student believes their grade is wrong?

As in any other year every student will have the right to appeal their grade. If they believe their grade is wrong, they can ask their centre to check for errors. If the student still believes their grade is wrong, their centre can then submit an appeal to the exam board on their behalf. The exam board can confirm whether the grade is reasonable based on the evidence. If not, they will determine the alternative grade.

An exam board will only revise a student’s grade where the evidence cannot reasonably support that grade, rather than as a result of marginal differences of opinion. Students should be aware that grades can go up or down as the result of an appeal.

What’s happening for vocational and technical qualifications, like BTECs?

Students studying vocational and technical qualifications (VTQs) that are similar to, and taken alongside, or instead of, GCSEs will also receive grades assessed by teachers rather than sitting exams. The arrangements will be similar to those for GCSEs.

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