Ercall Wood Academy

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Core subjects 

These subjects are compulsory:

Combined Science is for Ragleth, Hope, Caradoc, and Ercall                                  Triple Science is for Burway, Wrekin, and Adstone


English Baccalaureate (EBACC) GCSE subjects

A humanity subject and a language subject must be gained at a grade 5 or above alongside English Language, Mathematics and Science in order to gain the additional English Baccalaureate qualification.  This is recommended for any student considering courses within Russell Group universities.

All students must make a choice between Geography and History (option block1).

This is the first time that Ercall Wood students will be able to opt for Geography and History within their option choices.

GCSE Option subjects

The following subjects are GCSE qualifications that can be chosen with blocks 2 and 3.

Vocational option subjects

The following subjects are vocational in nature and have a greater emphasis on practical content and coursework based assessment.  These can be chosen in blocks 2 & 3.

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