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Introduction to the Options process


Dear parent/carer/student,


The options process is an important and exciting time for any student within the academy.  Having the opportunity to direct your future is empowering.  However, it is important that when taking part in this process that future aspirations are not limited by the choices made at this stage.  It is therefore crucial that we give you the information needed to make the best choices.

We hope you find this website useful in helping to guide you through the options process.  Whilst COVID-19 has provided a number of barriers within education we believe that it has had a positive impact on options information sharing .  I am sure that many of you will prefer being able to browse through the information online at a pace and time of your choosing.

The options process does have limitations, and, it is worth making those clear at the start of the process.  Firstly, not all students can achieve the full suite of options they would have wanted.  We do however promise that our options process will focus on maximising the greatest student fulfilment that we can. Secondly, should an option subject not have enough student demand then there may be a need for students to opt for an alternative subject at a later date. 

Please feel free to ask me questions relating to options by emailing me I will then do my best to answer those questions or direct you to a member of staff that could support you.  If you have any improvements that you would like within the website then also please let me know.  We are committed to providing the best options process that we can.


Yours sincerely,


Mr Raeside (Assistant Principal - curriculum and timetable)


Latest options news


Virtual options evening is Thursday 3rd March 2022 (6:30 - 7:30).  A Teams invite will be sent to each child's academy email account in order to meet GDPR requirements.  Please accept this invite should you wish to attend.  If your child cannot access the link please let me know via email:

Students have already attended 2 pre-options assemblies to support them in understanding the process and to adapt the curriculum plan to their needs.  So far year 9 have been a credit to the academy and have given useful information on each pre-options form.  A copy of the findings from each stage of pre-options and academy actions has been emailed to parents as an attachment.

Follow up drop in sessions are available for students with individual queries starting from Tuesday 1st March.  Mr Raeside will be available in S6.  Students must bring a note from their form tutor.

          Tuesday 1st March 2022 (S6) - Drop-in for 9 Red, 9 Orange, and 9 Yellow

          Wednesday 2nd March 2022 (S6) - Drop-in for 9 Blue, 9 Green and 9 Purple

         Thursday 3rd March 2022 (S6) - Drop-in for 9 Turquoise and any other outstanding queries

The current option block design can be seen in the Pathway A and pathway B options forms or at the back of the options booklet.  We advise students to wait until all information, advice and guidance is given before making their option choices.


Click on the link below for a copy of EWA's options booklet

Click on the link below to view EWA's option form

NOTE: We strongly advise that students do not hand their options form in until they have received the full information, advice and guidance.  We do not operate a first to hand in system as we believe it is important that time is given for such an important decision.  A paper copy will be given to students on Monday 7th March.  The deadline for submission is Friday 18th March 2022 which should give sufficient time for choices to be made.


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