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Year 11 Leaving Plans

Year 11 Leaving Plans

Tuesday 4th May 2021

Year 11 Leaving Plans 

Dear Parent / Carer

I can confirm that the final day Year 11 are expected to be in the academy is Friday 28th May. There may be the requirement to invite identified students back into the academy during the week beginning the 7th June to ensure that they have completed any missed assessments and that all students have clear destination plans for next year.  

Starting on Monday 7th June, local further education providers will be running taster sessions across a range of subjects to support students’ transition into post-16. Further information will be sent out when they have finalised their provision. In addition to this, there will be the opportunity to complete a two-week National Citizenship Service (NCS) activities programme. Again, we will be sending out further information on this programme as soon as we receive it.  

I would like to publicly thank my staff for their commitment to meeting the additional expectations that have been placed on them by Ofqual and the DfE: to write, mark and moderate numerous assessments in order to provide sufficient evidence to accurately grade the students this summer. This process has needed to be rigorous to ensure that students get the grades that their efforts and understanding deserve. Further information and guidance for parents and carers regarding the academy process is available on our website.  

Year 11 Centre Assessed Grades | Ercall Wood Academy 

Finally, can I thank you for the support you have shown the academy throughout your child's time with us, but particularly since I became principal. Year 11 have been role models throughout this difficult year and have done amazingly well with the centre assessed examination process; they have been a credit to you and the academy. I want to ensure that they remain focused until the end and that on their final day, Friday 28th May, we have a celebration of their time at Ercall Wood Academy. 


Kind regards 

Mr Gummery