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History Curriculum Intent

“History is who we are and why we are the way we are” (David McCullough)
History is important because we learn how the world works. We understand the big picture of how every, single individual in the world both past and present, near and far, has contributed to the world we live in now. Our history is the history of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the realms of invention, or protest, or just getting on with the business of being human and contributing to the development of mankind.
At Ercall Wood Academy students will study history to gain an understanding of the mechanisms and motivations of ordinary people and powerful people who have made significant impacts around the world both in the past and today. Our students will understand the nature of what we call "British".
In History we get to explore the whole world. We learn about how our countries were formed and who the key people who built our ideas and nation were. We travel around the world on our history journey, learning about the early settlers here in Britain and the people who struck out across the planet to live in the Americas. We also find out about and question some of the darker times in our history when the British Empire was responsible for some appalling crimes against other nations of the world and we learn about the chaos of Europe in the 20th Century.
At Ercall Wood Academy our approach to history is based on nurturing curiosity and feeding the desire to understand why and how we came to be the Britain we are today.
Our key stage three topics have been ordered in a chronological sequence to ensure clarity of building up the big picture. This allows the students to prepare a foundation which the GCSE course content will build on.
Our students will leave school with a clear and honest understanding of citizenship: What it means to be a citizen and how every person has a right and a responsibility to contribute to the world. They will understand how governments and the strong sometimes try to impose their ideas, needs or demands on the weak and they will know the best ways to follow the path of the good citizen.

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