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Do your children ask questions? Do they like to find out the answers? This is the subject where their many questions can lead to research, exploration, empathy and identity.
At key stage 3, religious education begins with the individual. At the offset, students will explore the use of symbols; those used in society by religious and non-religious groups and organisations. They will have an opportunity to create their own personal symbol expressing their ideas and personality. The themes of belonging and commitment will explore the ways in which people join different groups and what this involves.
At key stage 4 we study ethics and the focus changes to moral principles that guide behaviour and activity within lives. Beginning with Creation and the purpose of life, students will also look at issues including ‘Good and Evil’. Subjects such as crime and punishment, not to mention suffering, will present students with challenging situations and possible answers. There are so many more questions to explore in ethics.

Mrs M Jennings  (Head of Department)
Mr    C Syson      

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