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Protocol in the event of School Closure

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Protocol in the event of School Closure during the working day for parents and carers…


  1. Text / email message sent out to all parents informing them of the decision to close at a specified time. Message will request that parent’s text their child or email school with confirmation of their permission to release their child from school. (Phone messages are not quickly processed due to messages going to ‘voicemail’ and not being heard due to the volume of calls received at this time.)


  1. Form tutors will check the text messages received by their tutees from parents. It is essential that the text or email is sent from a named parent / carer listed on the school’s contact list as having ‘Parental Responsibility’. These students will now have permission to leave once HoY dismisses them.


  1. Pupils with permission to leave will be dismissed form by form by their HoY.  Pupils will exit the building via the Student Entrance. If parents are collecting their children we would ask they refrain from assembling at the Main Reception area as this area must be kept clear for access. 


  1. Remaining students taken to the Main Hall and sat in Year groups to await confirmation of permission to leave.


  1. The parents of those students who remain in school will be contacted again for ‘permission to leave’ to be given.