Ercall Wood Academy

Excellence through challenge and initiative

Head Teacher


I am very privileged to represent our community as headteacher and proud of what we stand for. At Ercall Wood Academy we believe success is achieved through delivery of a service focused on academic and emotional welfare. All members of our community can thrive if they feel cared for, safe and have a clear understanding of purpose.

Support is provided through an excellent pastoral system with staff that care about our children. At Ercall Wood Academy we have a clear and simple set of expectations for all members of our community: safe, ready and respectful. We enjoy a purpose built, state of the art facility that supports all aspects of our service. Teaching is built around a clear framework based on proven principles of best practice.

Learning is supported through a well resourced, highly qualified and caring team of experts in both the SEND department and teaching staff. Our membership in the Learning Community Trust has provided an unprecedented level of investment and collaboration to enhance the learning experiences of all children in this area.

We have established an excellent reputation within the community for the care and support provided by Ercall Wood Academy. As a result we have been over subscribed at application for over 5 years.

We regularly see success in examinations at both departmental and individual level. In 2019 we achieved our highest number of grade 9s; one of our pupils getting a record number of 7 grade 9s in her GCSE subjects. High performance was also evident in areas such as: science, art, geography, RE and product design, where pupils made very good progress.

I hope you take the opportunity to see our community first hand, meet the staff and pupils and see for yourself why we are so proud of the experience offered and why I believe this is a great school to work in, for both staff and pupils alike.