Ercall Wood Academy

Excellence through challenge and initiative


Senior Leadership Team

Mr Chay Davis Headteacher
Miss Karen Athawes Deputy Headteacher /  Designated Safeguarding Professional
Mrs Lisa Fraser Deputy Headteacher
Mr Darren Andrews Assistant Headteacher /  Designated Child Protection Lead
Mr Ryan McCluskey Assistant Headteacher
Art Teaching Staff
Ms G Hayman Head of Department
Mrs R King  
Ms C Foster  
English Teaching Staff
Miss S Morris Head of Department
Miss H Evans Second in Department
Mr B Singh Lead Practitioner
Miss A Brodie  
Miss Z Arif  
Mr A Di Cesare  
Mr I Breeze  
Mr B Wright  
Learning Support Staff
Mrs A Weaving SENCo
Mrs  J Leese Assistant SENCo/ Des. Safeguarding Professional
Mr J Dale-Jensen Specialist Teacher
MFL Teaching Staff
Mrs S Bastow Head of Department
Mrs G Purser  
Mrs S Marston-Jones  
Physical Education Teaching Staff
Mr W Smithson Head of Department
Mr M Creed  
Mrs S Morris  
Mrs M Hasenauer Head of Year 7
Mr R Hickman  
Technology / ICT Teaching Staff
Mr Mr D Newton Head of Department
Mrs J Taylor Second in Department
Mrs L Jones  
Mrs R King  
Ms C Foster  
Mrs A Weaving  
Mr D Andrews Business Studies
Mr O Dearlove Computer Science
Mrs C Hopkinson ICT Media / Computer Science
Humanities Teaching Staff
Ms A Burgum Head of Geography
Miss L Rickerby  
Mrs C Evans Head of History
Mr R Hatch  
Ms S Dyson  
Mrs M Jennings Head of RE
Mr R McCluskey Geography
Miss K Athawes History
Performing Arts Teaching Staff
Mrs A Bowater Head of Department
Mr R Sayce Head of Department
Miss L Edwards Dance
Maths Teaching Staff
Miss S. Jones Director of Maths
Mr S Pritchard KS4
Mr M Moseley KS3
Mrs M Lewis  
Mrs R Morley Addison Head of Year 11
Ms L Woodhall Enterprise / Careers / IAG
Mr M Kirby  
Mr I Cross  
Science Teaching Staff
Mr N Pollock Head of Department
Mrs F Keohane Second in Department
Mr A Raeside Lead Practitioner
Miss K Smith  
Mr J Rounsley  
Mrs C McPhee  
Mrs L Fraser  
Ms  L Moore Head of Year 9 / Looked after Children / Des. Child Protection Assistant
Miss G Fisher  
Mr M Davies  
Support Staff
Mrs R Moore Operations Manager
Mrs T Hoof Senior Administrator
Mrs T Bates Senior Administrator
Mrs P Roden Senior Administrator
Miss A Goodall PA to Headteacher / Finance Assistant
Mr S Mohammed  Data Manager
Mrs A Murray Pastoral Administrator
Mrs J Cartwright Attendance Officer
Mr S Will Education Welfare Officer
Mrs L Kelly Pastoral HOY – Head of Year 8 / Des. Safeguarding Professional
Mrs S Poole Receptionist
Mrs A Dixon Receptionist
Mrs S Sherry Resources
Mrs K Meiklejohn G&T
Miss L Edwards Cover Supervisor
Mr S Clee T&W ICT Technician
Mr A Manville DT / Art Technician
Mr M Cooke ICT Technician
Mrs H Strickland DT Technician
Mrs L Sylvester Lead Science Technician
Mrs J Windsor Senior Science Technician
Mr J Hoof Site Manager
Mr S Jarema Assistant Site Manager
Mrs K Rutter Student Support Manager
Mrs C Stevens Student Support Manager
Miss A Warrington HLTA / Transition
Mrs C Lane TA
Mrs C McLafferty TA
Mrs D Brown TA
Mrs E Hajdasz TA
Mrs F Leviston TA
Mrs H Edwards TA
Mrs J Ilsley HLTA
Miss J Ilsley TA
Mrs J Flegg TA
Mrs J Jones HLTA
Mrs J Seed TA
Miss J Stock TA
Mrs J Thompson HLTA
Mr J Turley TA
Mrs K Drake TA
Mrs M Braden TA
Miss N Darrell TA
Mrs R Iqbal TA
Miss S McGibbon HLTA
Miss T Milius TA
Mrs E Summers TA
Mrs T Walters TA
Mrs J Wood TA
Mrs K Stewart TA
Mr A Ventress TA
Mrs C Forrester LTS
Mrs P Heinemann LTS
Mrs T Davies LTS
Mrs  C Braddick LTS
Mrs  J Price LTS
Miss E Williams LTS
Mrs  H Defoe LTS
Mrs  K Whittaker LTS
Mrs  P Bezer LTS