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As part of our Geography course we encourage spiritual development through engaging students with the processes and issues that we study within the subject. We encourage geographers to be curious about the world in which we live and inspire a sense of enquiry, not only for how our world has been shaped in the past, but how it will change in the future. Pupils are taught about how the actions of individuals on a local scale and have a huge impact on a global scale. GCSE students focus on these actions with examples such as aid in drought stricken regions of Africa and the influence of global climate change on the balance of our planet.

GSCE students engage in fieldwork activities as part of their course and trips to Carding Mill Valley highlight how processes have shaped our landscape over time and future trips to Birmingham look at how diversity and globalisation has influenced our day to day lives.

Moral Development

Moral questions in Geography help to form a key part of geographical issues that are studied within the course. We look at how our world has changed over time and look to assess if wealth is distributed fairly and evenly, considering the reasoning as to why this is not always the case. Understanding the consequences of our actions is extremely important in Geography. Global warming is an issue we are being forced to recognise as a major issue with our changing atmosphere and its influence on extreme weather globally. GCSE geographers study the reasons as to how humans have contributed to the issues and problems surrounding global warming. We study the human impacts and causes of this, and look at how the repercussions of this may impact the future. Key stage 3 geographers discuss deforestation and mining in Brazil and how this has an impact on our planets resources, whilst Year 9 geographers discuss how Antarctica may be affected by this and other issues.


The department is housed on the third floor of the new College, in the Humanities and MFL wing.

Facilities within the Geography Department:-

4 Humanities teaching rooms including 1 double room, all with interactive whiteboards.

The availability of 30 laptops within the department.

Mrs A Mangan (Head of Department)


Mr R McCluskey

Mrs K Athawes

Mrs C Evans

Year 7

Autumn - The physical and human feature of the UK

Spring - Rivers

Summer - Place study:- The Horn of Africa


100 minutes per fortnight  

Year 8

Autumn - Tectonic & climatic hazards

Spring - Ecosystems

Summer - Place study:- The Middle East


100 minutes per fortnight 

Year 9

Autumn - Economic Development

Spring - Place study:- Antarctica

Summer - Coasts


100 minutes per fortnight 

Year 10 NEW GSCE Geography- OCR b Geography for Enquiring Minds

Autumn - Global Hazards & Changing Climates

Spring - Distinctive Landscapes

Summer - Sustaining Ecosystems

Year 11 GSCE NEW Geography- OCR b Geography for Enquiring Minds

Autumn - Urban Futures & Dynamic Development

Spring - The UK in the 21st Century & Resource Reliance

Summer - Revision

Year 11 GSCE CURRENT Geography- OCR b

Autumn - Tectonic Hazards & Climatic Hazards

Spring - Population & Settlement

Summer - Revision & Revision