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English forms an important base for all learning throughout the school and is vital for empowering students both in school and their future lives. The English Department at Ercall Wood Technology College is based on a love of English and is made up of a team who are passionate about teaching and their subject.  The team is an experienced and well-respected one that endeavours to make learning interesting and rewarding through a diverse range of experiences and activities in English Language and English Literature. The department is constantly looking to update and revitalise what is taught to students so that it is current, relevant and interesting for students. We also regularly explore different methods of teaching and delivery, so that students find English accessible, challenging and rewarding.

Department Facilities: The department is housed on the second floor of our new college, with excellent ICT facilities available to each classroom. All rooms feature the large interactive HD boards seen throughout the school and these are used to support exciting lesson delivery. We also have a quiet study area at the heart of the department, where students can work in small groups during or after lesson times. The library is situated next door to the English Department.


Department Staff:

Miss S Morris (Head of Department)

Miss H Evans (2nd in Department)

Mr B Singh (Senior Lead Teacher for Pedagogy and Practice)

Miss Z Arif

Mr I Breeze

Miss A Brodie

Mr A Di Cesare

Mr B Wright

The Curriculum

 Students in years 9, 10 and 11 receive six hours of English across the course of the two-week timetable; students in years 7 and 8 receive five hours of English. The curriculum is reviewed regularly to ensure that it matches the needs of our students; the recent changes to the English Language and Literature GCSE specifications have required us to adapt our KS3 curriculum to ensure that students are fully prepared for the rigours of the new GCSEs. In years 7-9 students are taught using a thematic approach whereby students will study a range of different text types that fall into a particular theme; see below for themes covered. In years 10 and 11, students will study the individual components of the exam so that they know exactly what to expect when they come to sit their GCSEs. Formative assessments take place on a termly basis for reading, writing and spoken language in all year groups in order for us to ensure that all students are making expected progress.

The GCSE examinations are awarded based on 100% examination. The work is divided carefully across Year 10 and Year 11 in order to allow at least a full term of revision at the end of Year 11 for the examinations. Students study a range of texts, including a 19th Century texts, a modern play, Shakespeare and an anthology of poetry. Spoken Language is also covered in the new curriculum, though whilst it is assessed formally, it does not contribute to the final Language or Literature grades and is instead reported separately.

In an effort to ensure that students are prepared for the challenges presented by the new GCSE specifications, our schemes of work in years 7, 8 and 9 teach and develop the skills assessed by the end of year 11. Below is our current curriculum provision however, this is subject to change and will be updated regularly.



Autumn – Growing Up

Spring - Villains

Summer – Adventure and Travel


Year 8

Autumn – Gothic

Spring - Romance

Summer – Crime and Conflict


Year 9

Autumn - Dystopia

Spring – Prejudice and Beliefs

Summer Term - Evil


Year 10


English Language – English Language Paper 1

English Literature – A Christmas Carol


English Language – English Language Paper 2

English Literature – Poetry Anthology (Crime and Conflict)

Summer Term

English Language – Spoken Language Assessment

English Literature – An Inspector Calls


Year 11 (2019 Exams)


English Language – Language Component 1 Revision

English Literature – A Christmas Carol


English Language – Language Component 2 Revision

English Literature – Revision of all literature texts


Year 11 (2020 Exams)


English Language – Language Paper 1 Revision

English Literature – Macbeth


English Language – Language Paper 2 Revision

English Literature – Revision of all literature texts

Homework: The English team views homework as a valuable way to further the understanding of work covered by students in lessons. With this in mind, homework is set on a regular basis so that it supports what students are studying in the specific moment. In years 7 to 9, students will be set homework using a new concept called ‘Bedrock Vocabulary’. Students in years 10-11 will be set homework based on their exam study, providing them with opportunity to practise exam style answers.

Additional information: Pupils have the opportunity to enrich their experience of English further through extra-curricular activities and visits. The department regularly runs trips to the theatre. We also participate in local and national literary competitions and we are looking to develop the skill of public speaking outside of the classroom. All pupils are encouraged to read widely and in year 11, students are offered a wide range of revision sessions to attend to help further their learning.


GCSE Specification Information:

Exams 2019


Exams 2020