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We live in a society with seemingly more insecurity around every corner for our students their families and ourselves. It is an important part of our job to try to provide a foundation for a positive future.

Our subject can make a valuable and possibly unique contribution towards, spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects of our student’s education.

When talking with our students we have an obligation to make them understand what is fundamentally right and wrong, to try to make students aware of the values that add up to a civilized society. Our subject very much deals with personal responses and emotions. We have the opportunity to explore issues in a visual way. For example concern for the environment can filter through student’s work in Art, in the department we use much recycled and scrap materials, posing the question, what kind of society throws away such valuable assets?

Our lessons provide the opportunity to access great resources as well as tap into the skills of our specialist staff, who are still practicing artists and who will help you achieve your goals in a vibrant and stimulating environment.

Miss G Hayman

Structure at KS3:

To start building a foundation in creative work we cover the following aspects of the subject:

Colour Work: looking at use and effects of colour, basic practical skills especially in the control and mixing of paint.

Print Making: students explore creating collographs, mono printing, block printing and silk screen printing.
Observational Work: developing visual, analytical and technical drawing skills.

Environmental Work: to start to appreciate our surroundings, various approaches including working outdoors and investigating landscapes exploring emotion and through Abstract Art.

Body Adornment: in response to a brief students develop understanding of the human form, portraiture, garments, cultural and traditional dress and body modification.

The Work of Artists: this is linked to all of the subjects that we cover; the aim is to understand the Artist’s viewpoint and role in society and further develop historical and contemporary art, craft, design, architecture and new media knowledge.

Use of Imagination: to gain confidence to explore ideas and appreciate the vast resource we all have in our own minds.

Skills and Materials: materials include pencil, fine liner, crayon, pastels, charcoal, paint, inks for basic 2D work; other areas covered are print, collage, construction and basic 3D work.

To further inspire and give students confidence in year 9 we put more emphasis on design, development of individual style, approach and ideas; still continuing to build around the formal elements and framework we have started in years 7 and 8.

Structure at KS4:

The GCSE Art, Craft, Design and New Media course currently consists of a Coursework project entitled, “This is me”. Students develop their understanding of art by studying a range of contemporary and historical artist reference. This leads onto observational work in a wide range of media, including photography and ICT; which are explored to produce an imaginative and personal final piece, which could be in 2D or 3D.

Assessment is: 60% Coursework and 40% Set Task. (WJEC).

The Set Task is a pre-seen selection of starting points, from which the students choose their preferred one. This challenges our students to develop more personalised learning, based upon the skills acquired within the previous years. The set task is undertaken from January until May of year 11. Its conclusion is a 10 hour opportunity to produce a unique final piece. This is often one of our student’s highlights of the course as it allows them to have an extended period of time in the art studios, experiencing what it is like to be a practitioner.

So, unleash your creativity at Ercall Wood whatever your level of ability. We aim to equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to progress in a chosen creative field to help with a career or just to learn something expressive.

If you like thinking outside the box, our Art & Design courses offer excellent routes to unleash your potential. The Art Department gives pupils the opportunity to practise or study a deeply rewarding subject – a subject which will take them far beyond the narrow confines of any exam specification, and that will in time become an interest for life.


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